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Qt Creator 2.6.2 hangs under Windows 8

04 Feb 2013 12:56 +0000 Qt

What a bad surprise when, installing my new Windows 8 box, I found that I couldn’t compile any of my Qt Projects! I couldn’t even running an instance of Qt Creator 2.6.2, because when it tries to open the project file, it hangs with that stupid white window… “Qt Creator is not responding…”

Well, I tried the following: Installing a different MinGW version, Installing the new Qt5.0.1 library, modifying the projects files… nothing worked, though removing the QT+=xxx and the TARGET=yyy or the TEMPLATE=zzz lines makes sometime starting it.

Anyway, the obvious solution is to downgrade the Qt Creator version to 2.6.1, it seems to work well (at least: it opens the project correctly). You can download it from here.

I am not sure if the problem is on that version of Creator (that is built on Qt5) or in the Qt version itself, anyway if you are stuck, try downgrade the Creator to 2.6.1 (that is built on Qt 4.8.3).

Please share your experiences in the comments!