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Is your audio continuously switching from Headphone to speakers?

30 Oct 2023 11:55 CET
If your audio card is continuously switching the output from headphones to speakers, making it impossible to use the sound, well, you are stumpled in a 9 years old bug that’s still unfixed despite the solution is as simple as editing two lines of a text file. This happens at least on my mint desktop, that is a 12 years old Intel i7 3rd generation, with linux mint 21.1 cinnamon. Continue reading

How to switch "\" with "<" keys in linux

28 Nov 2020 10:16 +0000
When using the Apple Magic Keyboard with linux and certain keyboard layout, some key may be exchanged with some other key. In my case, I have an Italian Magic Keyboard and a Ubuntu 20.10 running on VmWare Fusion and the “" and “<” keys are switched. The fix is pretty easy, but not easy to find on the net. This is the recipe: you need to force xmodmap to exchange the two keystrokes. Continue reading

Creating and using debug symbol tables with CMake and gdb

28 Jan 2020 14:36 +0000 Embedded
Introduction When working with a big project on a resource constrained embedded hardware, it might be difficult to debug it properly on the target board. Executables and libraries compiled in Debug mode are big, bloated and slow. To proper debug them in GDB, you need compile symbols, otherwise you’ll not be able to understand what a stack trace means. Sometimes it may be useful to structure your project so that it can be debugged with emulators, mocks and simulated devices on a PC; it is a wise choice because emulators and mocks speed up debugging and developing when other parts (especially hardware and firmware) are not ready yet. Continue reading

Adding a user space "power switch" to your embedded linux

18 Jul 2019 08:25 +0000 Embedded Linux
Is is always amazing to see how some very obvious features are missing from the linux kernel. Yesterday, for a project I am developing for a Dutch firm, I come across one of these “very obvious feature”: the option to switch on and off a device in the embedded linux board we’re using. The problem seemed to be quite frequent: you have a device connected to the internal USB bus (a wifi module, maybe? Continue reading

Configuring Ubuntu to deal with an ARM board with U-Boot via USB

13 May 2019 07:40 +0000 Embedded Linux uboot ubuntu
Abstract We have a board on which an AllWinner ARM processor is running Linux. The bootloader is U-boot and we have to use the USB port to flash it. When flashing the device for the first time, after loading the bootloader via FEL protocol, we need to use tftp to load the SPL (Secondary program Loader) image and the uboot version for use with the spl. Unfortunately, a couple of issues in the default Ubuntu configuration prevent us from doing this apparently simple operation in a straight way, and we need to tweak some system configuration file. Continue reading

Fixing problems with Ubuntu 13.04 and VmWare Tools

21 Aug 2013 09:51 +0000 Linux vmware
Installing Ubuntu on my VmWare fusion box has never been so difficult as it was last weeks, when I needed to have it ready as soon as possible. Though 12.04 LTS has been proved to be a great choice when you need a solid rock linux box, latest Ubuntu boxes are preferable, on my opinion, for development purpose. This way, switching to the latest, bleeding edge kernel hasn’t gone well for the people at VmWare. Continue reading