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How to switch "\" with "<" keys in linux

28 Nov 2020 10:16 +0000
When using the Apple Magic Keyboard with linux and certain keyboard layout, some key may be exchanged with some other key. In my case, I have an Italian Magic Keyboard and a Ubuntu 20.10 running on VmWare Fusion and the “" and “<” keys are switched. The fix is pretty easy, but not easy to find on the net. This is the recipe: you need to force xmodmap to exchange the two keystrokes. Continue reading

Vmware Player is slow under Ubuntu 16 host

10 Oct 2016 17:57 +0000 Linux vmware Windows
So you just upgraded your Ubuntu box and found that all your VmWare Windows Boxes are extremely slow? The symptom is your Windows task manager showning 100% usage of your disk, and the WIndows Instrumentation showing very long lags, says, up to 2.5seconds (yes, seconds) to respond to a disk request. This makes the box practically unusable. Perhaps your vmware logs are shoing a lot of lines like scsi0:0: Command READ(10) took 2. Continue reading